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Rumors and Reality

In a typical year, the stress of the end of the academic year can be difficult. This year, these stressors are layered on top of concerns about declining enrollment and the impact of the challenges MCC has faced this year, as well as a 24-hour news cycle that seems to careen from bad to worse. It's hard. Throw rumors and misinformation into the mix, and the stress builds. So, each day from today through the end of academic year, I'll be tackling one rumor. I have a whole list, but if you have one you would like addressed, please send it along through the portal.

Rumor: I've heard that administrators are now teaching MCC classes, taking sections away from adjuncts.

Reality: Yes and no.

MCC administrators have taught classes on and off throughout the years. For example, Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives Julianna Frisch has taught classes in the Hospitality Department going back to when she was Director of Campus Events, and this spring, she once again served as an adjunct. Retiring Dean for STEM and Health Dan Robertson continued to teach during his years in this role. In fall, Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences Michael Jacobs and I will both teach classes in the English Department. So, yes, administrators are now and have before taught MCC courses.

Courses are assigned to administrators following the Faculty Association contractual requirements. The contract stipulates that all full-time and qualifying part-time faculty must first satisfy their base load and overload requests. Then, adjuncts with five years continuous teaching service at the College and 90 FCH of MCC experience have an opportunity to teach at least one course in the semester, if sections are available. Only after all those with a contractual right are assigned a teaching load can any remaining sections be assigned to others.

For example, Chair of the English Department Professor Leuzzi advised me in February that I could expect to hear back about a course assignment--if one were available--by the end of April. I received the offer letter from the Provost on May 10 and look forward to teaching ENG 101 (MWF, 8 am) in fall. So, no, administrators are not taking courses away from adjuncts: they are assigned a teaching load pursuant to the contractual requirements.

Kress, Anne
Office of the President