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National Poetry Month Haiku Slam

For the 14th consecutive year, various staff from the 3rd floor of the Spina Administration Building celebrated National Poetry Month (April) with a haiku slam on Wednesday, April 23, 2014. We thought we'd share our work with the college community.

(For those of you new to haiku, haiku is a very stylized form of poetry consisting of three line phrases with 5 / 7 / 5 syllables respectively.  The theme is typically seasonal– i.e., passing of winter, arrival of spring.)

Undulating sea / Kids running into water / Careful! – Urchin! – Ouch!

Hot sun on the sky / Children making sand castles / Lizards catching flies

Hot sun, pristine sands, / Seagull steals potato chips / Misty swelling waves

I don’t trust groundhogs / Six weeks of winter is long / Pauxatawney Phil!

Flowers are daring / Poking through the snow cover / Looking for the sun

Vernal Equinox / Leads quickly to summer time / And 80 degrees

Dark, dreary, sad sky / Sun light up the sky with gleam / Flowers be not shy

Will grass be able / To survive brutal winter / If temps are stable?

Flowers have opened / My eyes are red and scratchy / Does this mean it’s spring?

On an April day / Pugs’ reminiscences of spring / Are finally realized

Titillating spring / New supple green arms reach up / From soft rich brown earth

If pins are wishes / And winter a voodoo doll / I’d watch the snow bleed

Spring wind blew past me / Rustling my winter feathers / Stirring my bird bath

Diet coke fizzes / Refreshing bubbling wake up / Silver can of joy

Declare the war done / No armistice for winter / White blossoms not snow

Poo on you winter / Of 2014, not here / Be friends, be long gone

Pink wet wiggly worms / From the cold depth you ascend / Tip-toe into spring

Eileen Scorgie
Educational Technology Services