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Early Warning Letter Process Now Live in Banner

Banner Self-Service now contains a new menu option “Send Warning Letters.”

The training video related to this process is available in the Self-Service training video menu:

This training is option number 9.

The previous Early Alert letters for attendance warning and academic performance warnings are now combined into one letter.  These letters will be generated on a daily basis. Warning Letters should be sent prior to the last day to withdraw from a course.


Faculty will select: “Send Warning Letters” from the Faculty Services menu

They will then select the term and course.

Unlike the previous “Early Alert” process, this letter requires a report on one student at a time.

Faculty should first select a student and then click next page and indicate whether that student is having attendance or academic difficulties, or both. This process will send the student a letter from both the Vice President of Academic Services and Student Services warning that unsatisfactory attendance may result in withdrawal or a grade of 'F" and/or explaining that the student is earning an unsatisfactory grade in that course and give some related academic advice.

When finished you should complete the process by clicking “Submit” or “Submit and Report another Student”.

When you return to the class list screen for this process you will be able to see on what date you reported this student.

Kimberley Collins
Academic Services