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SUCCESS! Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Take our Daughters & Sons to Work Day was a great success once again this year! A huge thanks to the 120 volunteers who did a wide range of activities from presenting the workshops to distributing goodie bags. A special thanks to the vendors and departments who provided support. And, a great big thanks to the 150 kids – 120 at Brighton and 30 at Damon – who attended, learned from and enjoyed the 45 workshops.

There were wonderful comments, such as,

    *  Germs ‘R’ Us rocked!

    *  I liked learning about all the different careers!

    *  The fire training ground was awesome!

    *  I really had a great time…I would want to come again next year!

    *  Kids missed a day of school but “won” a day at a college.

Thanks to Ray Treat for the official group photo and to Toni Robbins for photos of some of the volunteers and an MCC classroom of tomorrow.

Anne J. Perry
AAWCC Publicity Chair

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