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Coffee Creamer Bottles Needed

We are in need of approximately 150 vases (liquid or dry coffee creamer bottles) for a service project.

The Travel Club has recently made (with the help of the college community) 2,700  flowers at the Carnations for Patients event.

For bring your child to work day on April 24, it would be an awesome project for the kids to decorate the vases for Carnations for Patients. I am hoping that there will be enough vases for each child to decorate their own. I believe  there will be about 150 kids coming, so our goal is to get just that many (if not a couple more just in case). The vases are just simply liquid or dry coffee creamer bottles. We have a box outside of Reflection's Restaurant for the vase donations or they can be dropped off in Room 6-100 (Computing office),  we just ask that the vases are washed before they are brought in.

In addition to collecting the vases all the project calls for is supplies to decorate. Some ideas were stamps, sequins, buttons, stickers, feathers, etc. If anyone would like to donate any of these items please drop off in Room 6-100.

(It was recommended though that no paint or glitter is used, the paint can take very long to dry and you know glitter, you find it everywhere for the next year and a half. )

Also, the MCC daycare program is making butterfly tags for the vases. Once the kids have finished decorating the vases, they can attach the butterfly cards with ribbon around the neck of the bottle. Then they can stuff their vase with flowers. There is really no limit to how many flowers go in a vase, but we want our patients to have nice, full bouquets to look at.

Thank you in advance
Laura Coriddi and Yolanda Johnson

Laura Coriddi