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AAWCC Spring Clothing Drive—A Hugely Successful College Community Event!

Thanks to you, we collected a truckload of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing for the Volunteers of America. The AAWCC-MCC Chapter Service Committee gratefully acknowledges the MCC community and all the volunteers below for their generous assistance in making the Spring 2011 Clothing Drive such a fun and worthwhile endeavor!  (See photos below.)

Vickie Alessandra, Controller’s Office
Rebecca Babcock, Admissions
Courtney Belluccio, Campus Events
Lauren Cherry, Building Services
Bob Cunningham, Academic Services
Janna Davenport, MCC Association
Charlotte Downing, Curriculum and Program Development
Suzanne Fava-Flagg
Karen Frantz, Student Support Services
Ann Gilbert, ETS Instructional Technologies
Kristi Graves, Applied Technologies Center
John Haines, Building Services
Eric Hanson, Shipping and Receiving
Yolanda Johnson, Campus Events
Jennifer Kinslow, Counseling and Advising
Martha MacDonald, Academic Support Services
Lucille Morrill, Business Administration/Economics
Vilma Morrow, Damon City Campus, Student Service
Jeff O/Brien, MCC Student/Shipping and Receiving
Jodi Oriel, Student Life
Christine Plumeri, Damon City Campus, Anthropology/History/Political Science/Sociology
Vance Pointer, Shipping and Receiving
Tom Pollizi, Shipping and Receiving
Rosanne Rivers, Enrollment Management
Marjorie Scahill, Public Safety Training Facility
Scott Smith, Engineering Technologies
Sue Smith, Academic Services
Nancy Soregi, Financial Aid
Jody Torcello, Graduation Certification
Amy Wright, Institutional Research
Linda Ziegler, Student Services

Gale LePore
Curriculum & Program Development