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Curriculum Database New Features and Links

The Curriculum Office in collaboration with ETS Computing liaison, Robert Reynolds is pleased to announce a series of Curriculum Database changes.  They are as follows:

VIEW MY PROPOSALS link on the Curriculum Database homepage to access new and past proposals you have entered into the Database.    

VIEW COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES link on the Database homepage goes directly to an A to Z index of course CLOs submitted by department faculty for listing on the COURSE INFORMATION SHEET.

REVISED CLO PROPOSAL FORM is for entering new or revised CLOs for existing courses.  The new form asks, “Are these new or revised CLOs?”  Please note that the existing course CLOs will be pulled into the proposal to make it easy to make changes, and once approved by the Curriculum Committee, the revised CLOs will become accessible under View Course Learning Outcomes link.

Please click on the General Help link to access how to: Write, Edit, Submit, Review a proposal and to access Sample proposals.  The SEARCH field has been moved  above the blue navigation bar.

Please click on the Calendar link to find out the day, time, and location for Curriculum related meetings: Curriculum Committee, CAPE Committee, Faculty Senate, Board of Trustees and more.

We hope these changes will improve access to your proposals and your ability to enter information or search for information in the Curriculum Database.

During the process of updating Database forms and resources, the department chairs have received numerous email messages in error.   Thank you for bringing them to my attention via email or voice mail and for your patience.  ETS Computing is working to remedy the problem.

Please contact me at 292-2188 if you have questions or suggestions.

Charlotte Downing
Curriculum and Program Development