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WAC Student Workshop - The Art of Writing Abstracts

Time is fast approaching when those pesky papers and reports will be due. Some of the more technical assignments may require a separate abstract along with the body of your paper.  Writing abstracts is quite common for students in natural and social science courses, and is a beneficial skill for students in any discipline.  Although abstract writing might vary a bit from discipline to discipline, an abstract almost always serves as an original, concise, self-contained statement that explains or describes a larger work.  Writing one can be a difficult task.  Luckily, the WAC Committee is offering a student workshop on Wednesday, November 10, on the art of writing abstracts.  The workshop lasts less than an hour, from 12 noon until 12:50PM, and there is plenty of seating in 8-200. Come and bring along a friend. It will be time well spent when you sit down to write that paper in the coming weeks.



WAC Student Workshop

Wednesday, November 10

Room 8-200

12-12:50 PM


For more information, contact John Cottrell (Geosciences) at 292-2426 or HYPERLINK ""


John F. Cottrell