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Gretta Greetings

Hi everyone, I thought you might like an update from your favorite therapy dog; if you haven’t yet met me, my name is Gretta, and my mom/handler is Kathy O’Shea from the English/Philosophy Department.

I’m having a blast here, thanks to so many of you!  While I’m still meeting new people every day, I now have a following ( Mom tells me not to brag). Did you see me on the cover of the Monroe Doctrine?

I love it when students yell down the halls, “Gretta’s here!" Mom’s been getting emails asking me to make special visits to departments, offices, meetings, and events.

What’s next for me is very exciting. Mom and I are going to be working in the Advising Center during priority registration; everybody tells me that’s a pretty stressful time. Also, we are going to establish hours in the library, as well. Mom will let you know once we have those hours set.

Mom says we are also going to Damon City Campus; that should be fun.

I’ll continue to do my best to see all of you; my goal is to bring a smile to everyone in the MCC community.


Kathy O'Shea