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Update on Starfish Early Alert

The MCC Title III Grant (Building a Culture of Engagement and Success) team is moving forward in the implementation of the Starfish Retention System, which is an early warning and student tracking system. The initial phase will implement two modules: Starfish EARLY ALERT™ and Starfish CONNECT™.  Early Alert enables institutions to learn more about their students’ progress early in their academic semester and Connect provides for more effective communication and greater flexibility for faculty and staff to engage with students around needed supports. These distinct but connected modules will be used to support select student populations in their critical first year and beyond.

Currently, a Strategic Planning Committee and a Core Team have been working to customize Starfish to meet MCC’s needs and the necessary technology is being installed.  MCC will roll out Starfish Early Alert Retention System for a select population (Athletics, EOP, Online Learning, and Transitional Studies/ESOL) in Fall 2015.  This system will support the Title III goals of increasing achievement, persistence, and retention.

Please join me in thanking the members of the Planning Committee and the Core Team for their dedicated hours of service in developing a system that will support student success.

Strategic Planning Committee                     
Ebony Caldwell, Project Director, Title III- Committee Chair
Christine Accorso, Computing & Information Services
David Brust, Coach/Advisor, Athletics
Gary Egan, Professor, Mathematics
Kristen Love, Assistant to the Provost, academic services
Terry Keys, Assistant Vice President, Instructional Services/Academic Services
Martha Macdonald, Senior TA, Academic Support Services
James Murphy, Chair, Biology
Marisol Reyes, Senior Advisor, Educational Opportunity Program
Terry Shamblin, Chair, ESOL/TRS
Brenda Smith, Director, Educational Opportunity Program
Marcus Watts, Advising Coordinator, Student Services DCC

Core Team
Christine Accorso, Computing & Information Services- Banner Technical Lead
Ellen Baker, Associate Professor, ESOL/TRS- Faculty Representative
David Brust, Coach/Advisor, Athletics- Athletic Functional Lead
Ebony Caldwell, Project Director, Title III- Project Manager
Kimberley Collins, Assistant Vice President, Academic Services- Executive Sponsor
Larry Dugan, Director of E-Learning and Instructional Technologies- Blackboard Technical Lead
Kristen Love, Assistant to the Provost- Executive Sponsor Liaison
Martha Kendall, Online Learning Coordinator, Instructional Services- Blackboard Technical Lead
Jean Parker, Counselor, Student Support Services- TRS/ESOL Functional Lead
Marisol Reyes, Senior Advisor, Educational Opportunity Program- EOP Functional Lead
Marcus Watts, Advising Coordinator, Student Services DCC- General Advising Functional Lead
Carol Wilkinson, Project Secretary, Title III- Project Scribe

Kate Smith
Academic Foundations