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MCC Faculty Participate in the Hispanic/Latino Heritage Family Day at the Memorial Art Gallery

As part of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations in Rochester, several members of the World Languages and Cultures Department contributed their talents and efforts to the success of the Hispanic/Latino Heritage Family Day celebrated at the Memorial Art Gallery on October 7, 2012.

Jorge Alas was a member of the Advisory Committee and volunteered at the event. Alfredo Silvera and Steve Farrington also collaborated as ambassadors of Uruguay and Spain at the international cultural displays.

Marisol Galarza-Ruiz did a presentation entitled: Santería: A Religious Tradition in Cuba, explaining how the Yoruba religion was introduced in Cuba and how these religious practices became part of the Cuban folklore and traditions. Participants learned about the role of music, art and dance in Santería and the roles of Yoruba deities. The presentation included a recreation of a Santería altar, live music performance by the Afro-Cuban group Banyoko Güimilere, and a folkloric dance. Also, Marisol was the producer and the emcee for Cuba en Blanco y Negro, a musical journey through Cuba exploring African and Spanish influences in Cuban popular music.

Louis Silvers
World Languages and Cultures