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Is this Kim or Betsy or Doug or Deb?

This is a pretty busy day.  And I know registration is absolutely the last thing on your mind….except if you actually need to make a registration change or a room change or a schedule change.  And you would like to do it right now. 

You heard the rumor that Betsy Ripton is going to be the Interim Assistant Vice President in Student Services?  Or that I am the acting Registrar and Doug Miller is the acting Associate Registrar?  These are not rumors, but fact.  So, who the heck are you supposed to e-mail or call for help?  Life used to be so simple!

Well, it still is. Your relationship with R&R is unchanged.  If you used to e-mail Betsy for something, keep doing it.  If you used to e-mail me for something, keep doing it.  If you used to e-mail Doug for something, keep doing it.  The R&R team is moving responsibilities around behind the scenes.  We might be playing a bit of musical chairs but you don’t need to dance with us.  You should not see a change in service.  And if you do, please contact me.  We want a very smooth transition.

We are very excited about the upcoming changes and new challenges. Have a great first week of school!

Kimberley Willis
Registration & Records