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Starfish News - the Midterm Progress Report opens on Monday, October 22

The next Starfish survey of the semester opens next week! This survey will again focus only on special populations and will not include online classes. The following flags and kudos will be available to be raised in the next survey:

You Rock!

Great Participation!

Keep Up the Good Work

Early Alert: Academic Progress (Email Notification Only)

Early Alert: Urgent Academic Concern (Outreach Requested)

Early Alert: Attendance (Email Notification Only)

Reminder: The flag name tells you the intervention you can expect. Email Notification Only flags are a communication to the student and documentation in Starfish that is visible to their Success Network. Students who receive Outreach Requested flags will get an email when the flag is raised, and their Success Coach or School Specialist will try to contact the student to help connect him/her to the appropriate resources so they can be successful in the class.

The survey will be available October 22nd through the 29th.

Additionally, there has been growing interest across campus in using Starfish for appointments. This feature allows students to schedule appointments with faculty and staff online and on their smartphones. I am continuing to offer individual and team trainings on how to use this tool for your students. These trainings focus on synching Starfish with Outlook calendars, and controlling your appointment availability and calendar privacy.

Please feel encouraged to contact me at to request a Starfish Appointment training, or with any other questions or concerns you may have regarding Starfish.

Kulak, John
Academic Foundations