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President's Wednesday Message

As a reminder, one of my commitments is to respond to your questions in the Wednesday Message. You can submit questions anonymously online. The following question came in in late December.

In the Registration and Records Office we get hundreds of calls every week to reset student accounts so that previous students can log in and view records. This should be an automated process. We have asked Computing to help with fixing this issue for over a year and nothing has been done to fix it. Is there any way you could help with getting this issue resolved.

I reached out to Computing and learned the following:

Resetting student passwords is a top demand on the time of both Registration and Records and the Student Help Desk. The current method requires students to provide their "M" number and their student record account name (e.g., jdoe19) in order to reset a forgotten password. But, sometimes the student doesn't have this information, either.

Our IT staff has been working behind the scenes on redesigning the process so that it no longer requires the "M" number. Instead, it will rely on information stored in Banner. For example, a student could use their cell phone number to validate their identity and then change the password on their own. The new design also simplifies the instruction screen and provides the option to have a validation code texted to the cell phone on file, enabling a quick reset of the password.

The newly redesigned system is being rolled out by the end of February. Part of the delay has been in assuring that the redesign complies with ADA requirements and is accessible by all MCC students.

Thanks for the great question and thanks to our IT staff for taking on this project! As always, please feel free to leave your comments in the blog.

Kress, Anne
Office of the President