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President's Wednesday Message

This week, you should have received an email from Gallup with a link to this year's Q12 Survey. As a reminder, the Q12 survey measures employees' engagement across 12 standardized questions and six custom items selected by MCC. All items are the same as they were in the last administration of the survey. The Q12 is one of the assessments attached to our strategic plan (Direction Four: Organizational Culture), and the College is tracking the results over the course of this plan.

More importantly, though, we are listening to and using your input on the Q12 to inform and drive changes at MCC. Some of these include the following:

  • The Board created a college-wide Policy Portal to provide an opportunity for all employees to offer direct input into revised and proposed policies in response to concerns about the ability to express diverse opinions.
  • Human Resources created the Tribune Tribute program, and a new editorial committee is beginning the monthly Tribute (debuting in October) to address employees' expressed interest in receiving well-deserved recognition for their achievements.
  • The Board Evaluations Task Force has proposed more regular employee evaluations, including regular informal discussions about employee goals, and a reframing of this process to focus on employee development in part to address concerns expressed about the timeliness of evaluations and a need for more clarity about opportunities to develop and advance.
  • The College created the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) program for faculty and staff at specialist and above to support employees in developing and advancing, as well.
  • The College funded a cohort of employees to attend a workshop on Crucial Conversations (at Nazareth College) and is exploring similar workshops on site in response to an interest in establishing more openness and honesty in communication, especially between supervisors and employees.
  • In response to this same interest and as well as employees' desire to be able to express diverse opinions and ideas, I increased the number of anonymous questions and rumors addressed in my Wednesday Message, Messages to the College Community, and last spring's Rumors and Reality columns; returned to regular office hours; and added Library office hours; among other changes.

In addition, the results from the Q12 are being used by the Wellness Council; the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accountability; Human Resources; and others in shaping programs and offerings.

Your feedback matters. Last time, the overall response rate was 44%, which is quite good for a survey like this, but I do hope that even more members of our community participate this cycle. Thank you for taking the time to complete the Q12.

Please share your thoughts on the blog.

Kress, Anne
Office of the President