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Search Committees Formed

The Faculty Senate's Special Committee on Administrative Affairs and the President's Office, working together, have identified joint search committees for the following positions: Provost and Vice President for Academic Services, and the Executive Dean for the Damon City Campus.  Our goal in selecting committee members has been both to reflect the multifaceted diversity of the College and to assure strong representation for those stakeholders most impacted by each position.  The committees will be co-chaired by representatives of SCAA and the administration.  Membership of the committees is identified below:

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Co-Chairs:  Doug Henneberg, Chair and Associate Professor, Health and Physical Education, and Kate Smith, Dean, Academic Foundations
Mike Bates, Coordinator, Veterans' Services and Chair, SCAA
Mark Ernsthausen, Associate Professor, Mathematics and President, Faculty Senate
Bert Gamory, Assistant Professor, Engineering Science and Physics
Clayton Jones, Assistant to the Provost and Vice President, Academic Services
Eileen Lanzafame, Associate Professor, Transitional Studies
Jodi Oriel, Assistant Professor, Student Life and Leadership Development
Cathy Smith, Chair and Professor, English
Kara Tierney, Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Geosciences

Executive Dean of the Damon City Campus
Co-Chairs: Eileen Lanzafame, Associate Professor, Transitional Studies, and Ann Topping, interim Executive Dean, DCC and Dean of Students, DCC
Mike Bates, Coordinator, Veterans' Services and Chair, SCAA
Toni Custodio, Associate Director, Facilities and Campus Services, DCC
Paula Fahy, Professor, Human Services
Michael Johnson, Counselor, DCC
Teresa Schichler, Manager, Systems and Technologies, EDIWS
Rochelle Watson, Professor, Transitional Studies

Both committees will be working with Human Resources and RPA consultants on these searches, with a goal of bringing the finalists to MCC for campus visits, on-site interviews and college forums in spring.  We thank them for their service to the College community.

Mike Bates and Anne Kress
SCAA and Office of the President