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Ice, Snow & Brighton Campus Front Stairway Closures

Rochester’s first snowfall this week was also the first time we had a chance to see how the Brighton Campus’s Peter A. Spina Administration Building’s (Building 1) new front steps and entryway handle the wintery weather. You might have noticed that the two sidewalks leading up to the front entrance stairs have been periodically closed to traffic; we anticipate that these pathways may be closed for the next few instances of snow and inclement weather as we assess their conditions and safety. We do plan to keep those walkways open whenever possible.

A few notes when looking to enter the College and the front walkways and entryway are closed for snowy weather:

· Please use the lower, alternate sidewalks to enter the College on the first floor/ground level.

· Please do not cut around the cones and “Caution” tape marking the sidewalks closed.

· Please avoid cutting across the snow and grass as the ground can quickly turn muddy and slick, which poses a safety hazard. We want to get you in to the campus as safely and quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience as we all experience this winter wonderland together!

    Blaine Grindle