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Curriculum Proposals Posted

The following curriculum proposals have been posted for your review for the period April 27 through May 11. You can view them by clicking on <>.

NP1S    Public Relations A.S.
NC16S    HVA/ATP/TAM 285 Modern Welding Techniques (Special Studies)
NC17S    NAC 102 Nursing Assistant Training
NC18S    EMG 206 Emergency Exercise Program Management
NC19S    MEG 204 Multi-Hazard Emergency Response Planning for Schools
NC20S    DAS 121 Dental Assisting Clinical Experience
NC21S    MAS 250 Massage Therapy Seminar
NC22S    MAS 120 Introduction to Massage Therapy
NC23S    MAS 130 Massage Therapy Professionalism
NC24S    MAS 140 Swedish Massage
NC25S    MAS 150 Western Medical Massage
NC26S    MAS 210 CAM-Alternative Therapies
NC27S    MAS 220 Special Populations
NC28S    MAS 230 Introduction to Orthopedic/Sports Massage
NC29S    MAS 240 Shiatsu
CR21S    BIO 142 Human Anatomy
CR59S    SCR 212 Computer Security II
CR60S    SCR 215 Computer Crime Investigation
CR62S    CSC 101 Introduction to Computer Science
CR63S    BUS 275 Business Cooperative Education
CR64S    COM 160 Computer Graphics: Design and Layout
CR66S    PSY 110 Understanding Psychological Disorder
CR67S    MAS 105 Massage Therapy Clinical
PR2S    Health Information Technology AAS
PR3S    Apprentice Training-Automotive - General Motors ASEP AAS
PR7S    Information Technology AS

Elsie V. Beach
Curriculum & Program Development