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Road Work Nearing Completion

The modifications to the Main Entrance Loop Road are nearly complete. Signage and pavement striping will be finishing up in the next few days. The paving is complete, and now the town crews are installing new sidewalks for our pedestrian students to enter from East Henrietta Road.

One of the last remaining items are the parking lot gates forfaculty and staff. The gates have been promised for delivery this Friday and installation is planned on Saturday. Entrance to Lots A and K will again require valid ID cards. Please note that the entrances have been changed. In order to provide a queuing space for cars waiting for the gate and cars in front of it, the entrances have been moved to the corners of the lot and a short driveway is used to enter. This will allow several cars to stack up, and not block the main loop road. Please note the change when you return!

Happy motoring to all.

Blaine Grindle
Facilities Engineering