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Parking lot closures for striping

There are several upcoming closures of parking lots this week and next.
We will be seal coating and striping N and P lots on Friday the 17th. Those lots will be closed all day. Finishing touches will also be done to Parking lot Q on the ends of each row.

Also on Friday the 17th, we will be striping lots E and H. They will only be closed long enough to let the paint dry. Work will begin early in the morning.

On Saturday at 5:00 am, Monroe Loop will be closed for painting for a couple of hours.
On Sunday the 19th, Lot G will be closed and striped.
On Monday the 20th and/or Tuesday the 21st, Lot F will be striped in sections during the early morning and should be open as cars arrivve.

We will try had to minimize disruptions to parking, but please bear with us as weather is always a complicating factor.


Blaine Grindle