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Ecopark - A Greatly Underused Recycling Facility

As MCC’s representative to the Monroe County Recycling Advisory Committee,  I have the opportunity to network and learn about various recycling activities.  One such activity worth mentioning is Monroe County’s Ecopark, which is greatly underused.  I used the facility the other day for the first time. The attendant there was super friendly and helped me unload items. There is no charge for TV’s unlike many commercial firms. It was an easy indoor drive-through located near the airport and, once there, only took about 5 minutes.  For details, access <>.  Especially useful on their page:  unique hours of operation, items they accept, instructions for household hazardous waste, and look carefully for the “Prospector,” a drop-down menu that assists in find recycling alternatives for dozens of items you might not have thought were recyclable.  Check it out!

Fred McCullough
Building Services