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Techie Toys for the Holidays: Ask a Geek!

Are you trying to find that perfect gadget or techie thingy for that someone special but have no idea what any of it means or does? Stop on down to Room 11-109 on Wednesday December 13th from 12:00-12:50pm and Ask A Geek! Joe Gerardi, ETS Computer Specialist, will be available to answer your questions about techie toys ranging from portable media players (such as the iPod and Zune) to high def TVs, to next generation game systems and, of course, computers. If you have a question, he’ll do his best to give you the answer. Paul Tracy, ETS Instructional Technologies, will also be on hand to assist during this ETS Brown Bag Lunch Session. Happy Holidays!

Ellen Z. Gozik
ETS Instructional Technologies