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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and it was jointly proclaimed on April 6th by County Executive Maggie Brooks and Mayor Robert Duffy. The goal of Sexual Assault Awareness Month is to inform local citizens of the problem, and what they can do to become part of the solution to end Sexual Violence. There has already been a number of community events sponsored.  On Monday, May 1st at 7:00pm in Seymour Union’s West Ballroom at SUNY Brockport, Angela Shelton will be present for what will be an amazing and educational experience that is open to the college community.

Angela Shelton is an actress and filmmaker who went around the country interviewing other "Angela Sheltons". What began as a curious endeavor turned into a nationwide movement bringing awareness to crimes and abuse against women. Out of the forty women Angela interviewed, 28 are survivors of rape, child abuse, or domestic violence. In the documentary, Angela also deals with her own past as a survivor by confronting the father who sexually abused her and her stepbrother and stepsister.

The documentary is making waves across the country, shining light not only on crimes against women but also abuse against men. Angela Shelton herself states, "I want to point out that this is not a women’s issue nor a women’s only movie - this is a people problem." The country is responding to the documentary which has been featured on Oprah, and CBS’ 48 hours Investigates.

Don't miss her documentary that will air on April 22nd at 11 PM on Lifetime  Television for Women.   For more information regarding services for sexual assault survivors go to  "" 

Leah Dyer
Chair, Personal Health & Safety Committee