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President's Wednesday Message

Throughout the year, we celebrate the accomplishments of our colleagues in many ways, from nominations for national and state awards to notes of gratitude and appreciation. Today, I want to call your attention to a newer opportunity to recognize your colleagues.

A couple years ago, SUNY added a new category to the Chancellor's Awards: Excellence in Adjunct Teaching. It "recognizes consistently superior teaching at the graduate, undergraduate, or professional level." SUNY's call for nominations for this award comes at a different time of year than other Chancellor's Awards, so unfortunately, the chance to nominate a deserving faculty member can slip by in the rush of fall semester. And, this year, that appears to be the case.

Thus, we are re-opening the window for nominations, which should be submitted to MCC's Human Resources Office (Attn: Sandy Warren, 1-303) by November 1. (Nomination packets must include one original and 9 copies--hard copy only. Do not submit via email.) Nominations are then reviewed by a committee established by MCC Human Resources in accordance with SUNY guidelines.

SUNY requires that nominees "must have taught over the proceeding five years, a total of courses equivalent to one-half of a three-year, full-time teaching load in the appropriate department." So, MCC nominees must have taught 45 or more FCH over the past five years at our College, depending on the required load in their department.

The selection criteria and nomination materials are available on SUNY's website. Some highlights of the criteria include the following:

  • Nominations must demonstrate that the candidate "performs superbly in educational environments" and responds "readily to student needs, interests and problems."
  • Nominations must demonstrate the candidate's "effectiveness in teaching" with evidence such as student evaluations/questionnaires.

The number of nominees that each SUNY campus can submit for this award is based on student FTE. Using the ratio provided, MCC can submit up to 6 qualified nominees this year to SUNY.

I encourage you to nominate a valued colleague for the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching. Comments are welcomed on the blog.

Kress, Anne
Office of the President