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The Starfish Kudos Survey Opens Soon!

The final Starfish survey of the semester opens on Monday: The Kudos Survey will be open April 12 through April 28. Faculty participation in the Kudos Survey is optional. There are no flags or outreach requested items available on The Kudos Survey - it is intended to provide faculty an opportunity to communicate a variety of positive messages to their students in the final weeks of the semester.

As with all Starfish surveys, the Kudos Survey will be delivered to faculty via email. The following items will be available in the Kudos Survey for faculty to raise for students:

  • Showing Improvement! Raise this kudo to commend a student whose hard work is improving their performance in your class.
  • You Rock! Raise this kudo to acknowledge a student's outstanding performance in your class.
  • Great Participation! Raise this kudo to acknowledge a student's positive contributions in class discussions.
  • Overcoming Adversity. Raise this kudo to acknowledge a student's perseverance in the face of adversity. (Comments Required)
  • Thank You. Raise this kudo for a student whose performance or behavior has helped in achieving your desired outcomes for the class. (Comments Required)
  • Recommendation for the Honors ProgramRaise this referral to recommend students for the honors program. (Comments Required)

The Kudos Survey has proven to be a popular one with our faculty. We hope it continues to foster connections with MCC students in an optimistic, encouraging context.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Kulak, John