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NYS Annual Fire Inspection Begins Tomorrow

New York State Fire Inspection begins on Wednesday February 17, 2021

The annual New York State Fire Inspection will be conducted from Wednesday February 17th through Friday February 19th, 2021. This will include the Brighton Campus, Downtown Campus, and Applied Technologies Center, as well as the Child Care Center, Residence Halls, and the Rush Range.

Please check your work areas to assure that they are in compliance with our safety standards. Listed below are some of the most common violations and how to correct them.

Extension Cords and Multi-Plug Adapters – The most common prohibited items found during fire inspections are extension cords and multi-plug adapters. These are not allowed on campus. Instead of using an extension cord or multi-plug adapter, please use a power-strip. Also note that power-strip to power-strip connections (daisy chains) are not allowed. Each power-strip should be plugged directly into an electrical outlet.

Fire Doors- Corridor doors, exit doors, and doors of unoccupied classrooms cannot be propped or wedged open.

Candles – Candles are not allowed on campus. Any time a candle is lit, it is considered to be an open flame. Even candles that have not been used can be cited by the State Inspector. Battery powered “candles” are allowed for decorations.

Blocked Electrical Panels – Many offices and storage areas include an electrical panel. It is important to keep these accessible as electrical panels are the circuit breakers that control electricity used on campus. Should there ever be an electrical problem, it is essential that these panels are easily accessible. If you notice an electrical panel within your area which is blocked, please clean up the area to make sure that the electrical panel is accessible.

Ceiling Tiles – If there are missing or broken ceiling tiles in your area please contact Facilities or fill out an on-line Maintenance Request Order to have the ceiling tile replaced. The MRO is available through the Facilities department website.

Space Heaters – During the winter months many employees use a space heater to keep themselves warm. While they are allowed, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Placed at least 3 feet away from household combustibles.
  • Plugged directly into a wall outlet, not into a power-strip.
  • Be UL listing with a sticker located on the back of the heater.
  • Have a tip-over safety switch which shuts off the heat if the unit is knocked over.

Combustible Storage – Items must be stored at least 18” below the level of a sprinkler. In non-sprinkler buildings, items should be stored at least 24” below the ceiling. Please check your storage areas and materials to make sure that they are not interfering with the sprinkler systems ability to function properly.

Blocked Exits- Exits blocked by items such as snow/ice, furniture, equipment, inoperable doors or doors that are chained or bungeed closed.

All efforts will be made to keep any disruption to a minimum while the inspections are in progress. Review your work spaces and contact Ray Sabourin in the Environmental Health and Safety Office at Ext. 3153 or by email: with any questions you might have regarding the inspection.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation during this inspection period.

Ray Sabourin
Interim Assistant Director, Environmental Health and Safety



Sabourin, Raymond
Environmental Health & Safety