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Fantasy Flight and Winter Wonderland Party

I would like to thank the Electronic Gaming Society members Christopher Ornt, Mike Fuoco, Rob Frederick, Kat Carney, Matt Bankey, and Cashara Kelley for their awesome help at the Fantasy-Flight and Winter Wonderland Party this past Sunday.

These students brought their own games (Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, Drums, and more) to the Fantasy-Flight and Winter Wonderland Party on Sunday, December 14. They spent several hours volunteering their time for this event.

I would also like to thank Bob Fathergill (AKA - Santa's Secret Service), Christine Accorso and Carol Fisher for helping with the craft tables.

For more than seven years now, individuals from throughout the community have joined forces to put together what is called “The Fantasy Flight and Winter Wonderland Party.” It’s a day of merriment, a true “Community-to-Community” effort that focuses on bringing happiness to children and their families that are less fortunate than others.

Over 1,500 children and their families from agencies such as Alternatives for Battered Women, Hillside Children’s Center, MDA, CURE Childhood Cancer and families of the Military were invited to this event at the Monroe County airport.

Check out these pictures from the event!


Laura Coriddi
ETS Computing