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Take Time to Reboot for Important Windows Updates

Last week several media reports were published concerning new vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system and urgent advice to reboot and patch your system immediately.

Technology Services encourages you to reboot to apply the latest Microsoft patches that will keep your system up to date. These Microsoft updates will fix newly discovered security issues and enhance functionality. It is important that you reboot your PC to apply these patches.

However, updates may take a long time to apply - in some cases about 2 hours. Plan ahead and take time to schedule your reboot for a period of time when you won't be using your computer, such as at the end of the day. This will prevent disruption to your work. Also, if you log off your computer at the end of the day, it will (in many cases) reboot itself during the night to apply pending updates. If you need to use a PC while your PC is applying updates there are several options available, such as department adjunct offices and the Faculty Innovation Center (room 03-122). The library, ELC (11-106), and Downtown Campus Learning Commons are also options if student usage allows.

Media reports about these vulnerabilities may sound alarming. However, the headlines often apply to a worst-case scenario, such as outdated computers that have not been maintained or that are running on insecure networks. Regarding the issues announced this week, MCC computers are already following vendor recommendations, which have already significantly reduced the opportunities adversaries look for to enter and take hold of our systems.

If you have any questions please contact the Technology Support Desk, extension 8324, option 3.

Broberg, Scott
Communications and Network Services