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FA Scholarship Gift Basket Raffle Winners ...

​... will be drawn at the FA holiday gathering at Pomodoro's Grill and Wine Bar on Monroe Ave 5pm-8pm on Dec 15th!

If you have yet to donate to the FA Scholarship Fund AND enter the raffle to win one of the two gift baskets, you still have many chances to do so:

1)      Brighton Campus (Outside Brighton Room)

W 12/7 11:00-2:00
F 12/9   11:00-2:00
T 12/13 11:30-1:30

2)      Damon Campus

T  12/6  Vilma Patterson's Office (30-5266A) 10:00-1:00
W 12/7  Susan Bender's Office (30-4231)
R  12/8  Vilma Patterson's Office (30-5266A) 10:00-1:00

3)      Stop by the FA Office (7-205) at Brighton or Susan Bender’s office (30-4231) at DCC.

4)      Buy your tickets and donate at Pomodoro’s on Dec. 15th during the FA holiday gathering.

Thanks for your continued support of our students!

Jessica Barone
Chemistry and Geosciences