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ESOL Voices: Student Spotlight

ESOL Voices: Student Spotlight

Landu Tuvibidila

Landu Tuvibidila is an ESOL student from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Landu immigrated to the United States five years ago and now lives in Rochester with her husband and three children. She is in the School of Health Sciences and Physical Wellness at MCC. In this narrative from her childhood, Landu shares a story that highlights the challenges of receiving medical care when you can't pay for it. Click on the pdf to read her story.

ESOL Voices a collection of stories written by ESOL students at Monroe Community College. This publication highlights our MCC students who come from all over the world. Look for a new story in the Tribune each month. We hope you will find these stories interesting and inspiring.

Katie Leite & Pamela Fornieri

ESOL Program

May 2017

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Leite, Katherine