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Writing Across the Curriculum: A Call for New WR Courses

The fall semester has just begun, but around here, that means it’s time to think about spring!  As you await your course assignments, please consider joining the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) community by officially making your courses Writing Intensive (WR).

Chances are good that you might already be teaching a WR course unofficially—or you may be closer than you think! See MCC’s Guidelines for Writing-Intensive Courses:

Some departments and programs such as Nursing, A/H/P/S, English/Philosophy, and Honors made a collective decision that their courses be WR. So have dozens of individual colleagues across the College, representing the fields of biology, mathematics, business, communication, chemistry, and more. This WAC community consists of dedicated faculty who practice writing-to-learn pedagogy, and in so doing recognize that strong written communication skills (in a number of forms) are at the center of both a college education and a career.  It’s a buzzword now, but writing as a high impact practice has for years been common practice among us.  What’s more: students earn special recognition on their diplomas if they maintain a B average in 30 hours or more of WR courses.

Ready to make the commitment? The WAC Steering Committee is currently accepting new WR course proposals for Spring 2015:

If you have questions or concerns about turning your course into a WR course, your colleagues on the Steering Committee are happy to assist.  We look forward to working with you!

WAC Steering Committee
Amy Burtner (English/Philosophy), Interim WAC Coordinator
Jason Anderson (Chemistry)
Kathleen Borbee ((Business Administration and Economics)
Pam Fornieri (ESOL/TRS)
Mark Sample (History)
Vestina Turner (Nursing)
Karen Wells (Mathematics)

**Current WR-certified faculty: Look for a recertification announcement in the Tribune next week**

Amy Burtner