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Fall International Film Fest Held Next Month

The ESOL, Foreign Languages and Sign Language Communication Department invites
the College community to this year's Fall International Film Fest, which will
take place during the month of November.


Thursday, Nov. 7
"To Live: Huozhe" Drama in Mandarin, 1994, set in China in the 1940s.
Introduced by Nayda Pares-Kane and Patrick Callan.

"The Widow of St. Pierre" Drama in French, 2000, set off the coast of
Newfoundland in 1849. Introduced by Marie-France Nothnagle.

Thursday, Nov. 14
"Guantanamera" Comedy in Spanish, 1994, set in Cuba. Introduced by Louis

"Beyond Silence" Drama in German and German Sign Language, 1996, about a
hearing musician and her Deaf parents. Introduced by John Ganze.

Thursday, Nov. 21
"Burnt by the Sun" Drama in Russian, 1994, set in the 1940s when "The Sun" was
Stalin. Introduced by MCC student Stan Makiyenko.

"Johnny Stecchino" Comedy in Italian, 1991, about the gangster Johnny
"Toothpick" Stecchino. Introduced by Stella Plutino.

All events will begin in Room 8-200 of the Brighton Campus. Arrive at 6:00 p.m.
to mingle and enjoy some ethnic nibbles and food sampling. The films will be
introduced at 6:30 p.m. Two films will be shown concurrently on each of the
specified dates. All films have English subtitles. The International Film Fest
is free and open to the public.

Louis Silvers
ESOL and Foreign Languages