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MCC Hosts National Virtual Conference

MCC was selected as one of four sites to host the 2007 Community College Virtual Summit on June 28. Sponsored by the Office of Vocational and Adult Education at the U.S. Department of Education. MCC joined forces with Central Piedmont Community College (N.C.), Coastline Community College (Calif.) and the University of Texas to explore four critical issues facing community colleges.

Participants at the sites exchanged ideas with national leaders in Washington, D.C. about: 1) approaches for serving adults and working students, 2) the two- to four-year college transition, 3) accountability and 4) leadership. MCC hosted the segment on transfer and articulation agreements, which centered on a presentation by President Flynn. President Flynn’s remarks focused on the need to build articulation plans which include general education, strong relationships with high schools and four-year colleges, and workforce development. MCC faculty and staff were joined by representatives from other area colleges at the MCC site.

Thanks to Steve Weider (Instructional Technologies), and Chris Belle-Isle (Career Center), for their assistance and participation in the virtual conference.


Jeff Bartkovich
Educational Technology Services