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PD Week: Web Accessibility Workshops

A website is accessible when all who visit can do what they need to online, regardless of physical or developmental abilities or impairments. The beauty of accessible websites is that they are easier for EVERYONE to use.

During Professional Development Week, learn more about website accessibility at two guided eLearning workshops:

Follow the links above to add these workshops to your Outlook Calendar.

Can't make the live PD Week workshops?

You may take these eLearning courses on your own, at Siteimprove Academy.

Go to Siteimpr ove Academy, then:

  1. Select Add Course Track to register for the Web Fundamentals: Accessibility, Analytics, and SEO track
  2. In Course Checkout, fill in the short registration form, agree to the Terms, and select Get Access. You'll receive two emails from Siteimprove Academy.
  3. Open the email with the subject "Siteimprove Academy login information" and select the hyperlink
  4. Create a password, agree to Terms, and select Continue
  5. Click through the Welcome message
  6. Select the Web Fundamentals... box
  7. Select Start This Learning Path to take the course Web Accessibility Fundamentals

Watch short videos that explain web accessibility

The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative's Accessibility Fundamentals website includes several short videos that illustrate aspects of web accessibility. Select a video that interests you or watch them all together in this 7.5 minute Web Accessibility Perspectives compilation on YouTube.

Watkins, Craig
Marketing and Community Relations