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Public Safety Crime Prevention Tip of the Month

Criminal activity is difficult to predict but with a little knowledge and careful planning, you and your loved ones can withstand a criminal act and provide crucial information to Police and Security personnel that will assist in the identification and capture of the criminal. MCC Public Safety would like to provide the college community with some tips and procedures that will assist you and your loved ones in reacting to an imminent attack as well as recognize and retain crucial information used to identify your attacker(s).

What to do if you are attacked…

-- Trust your instincts but be realistic about your ability to defend yourself. Your first instinct might be to run, kick, scream, bite, etc…

-- If you are threatened with a weapon or a weapon is shown to you, do not resist. Comply with the attacker. Any property you lose can be replaced, but your life can not.

-- Your goals during an attack are to reduce the opportunity for someone to harm you and escape. This is your first priority and this should be your number one concern. Use all assets at your disposal to remove yourself from the attacker.

-- Always remember, each situation is different and no one solution will work in all situations. You are the only one who can determine what remedy will work for you.

-- Always play the “what if” game and mentally rehearse how you would respond if you were placed in a potentially violent situation. Playing “what if” allows you to prepare for a potential attack as well as recognize the danger signs associated with a potential attack.

-- Learn what critical information is required by Police and Security personnel in the event of an attack and how to communicate this information to responding units.

Critical Information Needed to Describe a Suspect or Vehicle.

-- Date and time of the attack
-- Location of the attack, try to be as exact as possible
-- The direction of travel of the attacker(s)
-- Was a vehicle used? What was the make, model, color, license plate number?
-- Was a weapon used or displayed. What kind of weapon was it?
-- Suspect description: male or female?
-- Were they an adult or juvenile? Best guess of their age?
-- Race: white, black, Hispanic, Asian?
-- Possible height, weight, body build (skinny/stocky/heavy)
-- Possible hair color, eye color, tattoos or body piercings/scars?
-- Any facial hair?
-- Any peculiarities such as a limp, stutter when speaking, amputations?
-- Clothing description: What type and color pants, shirt, jacket, hat, wearing glasses, type of footwear (sneakers, boots, etc…)
-- Are the attacker(s) wearing any jewelry, watches, rings?
-- Number of attackers: were there one, two, three, or more?

Although there seems to be a great deal of information to observe and remember, providing as much of this crucial information as possible to Police and Security personnel will assist the responding Officers in identifying and apprehending the attacker(s). If possible, write as much information down as you can when it is safe to do so in order to assist you with remembering important details.

In the event of an incident or emergency, you can contact MCC Public Safety by calling x2911 from any Brighton campus telephone, utilize any of the emergency telephones located around the campus interior, utilize any of Blue Light Emergency Telephones located in the campus parking lots or by calling 292-2911 from your cellular telephone. Resident Hall students can contact MCC Public Safety from the Residence Halls telephones by calling x3911. MCC Damon City Campus students can call 262-1414 for assistance.

A message from your MCC Public Safety Crime Prevention Team

Lee Struble
Public Safety