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Liberty Partnerships Program’s Future Enzymologist Visits University of Rochester

During Regents exam week, most high school students take their required exams, and then spend the remainder of the days relaxing and recharging for the new marking period. Liberty Partnerships Program student Kaysha Reed, who is in the 10th grade, was the exception during January Regents week.

Kaysha has been determined to become an enzymologist since the 8th grade when her teacher Mr. Widmaier at World of Inquiry School #58 provided her class with a list of possible careers in the sciences. On January 27th Kaysha had the chance via LPP’s workforce prep program to visit the research labs of Dr. Wedekind and Dr. Keilkopf at the University of Rochester. She asked them questions about the paths they took to becoming research scientists and learned about their current research projects at the university. When asked what the most valuable part of the trip was, Kaysha stated, “It opened my eyes to what I will need to do to become an enzymologist.” 

While at U of R, Kaysha also had the opportunity to read about and observe Arthur Kornberg’s Nobel Prize, which he earned for his work in the category of "Physiology or Medicine" in 1959.

Elizabeth Appel
Liberty Partnerships Program

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