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Help Build a LIbrary in Nigeria

Christy’s Bridge Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) public charity based in Rochester, is in need of books, computers, all types of educational videos, CDs, games, other materials to stock a library for the poor and disadvantaged people of Afikpo North in Ebony State, Nigeria. Your dollar donations also, no matter the amount, to help ship the books will be greatly appreciated.

Afikpo is a town made up of many small, connected villages in Ebony State, South East Nigeria. The place is bursting with so many young people, elementary, secondary, college kids, and many others who have no place to go, no social nor recreational outlet. They hover around aimlessly or pass the time in pick up soccer or worse. Christy’s Bridge Foundation will rent a space in Afikpo and remodel it for the library.

This effort is being led by Christopher Inya (Business Administration/Economics). For information or to donate, please contact Christopher at 292-3341 or 585-359-0442.

Christopher Inya
Business Administration/Economics