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MCC Students Study in Florence, Italy

Sixteen MCC students are spending their summer at school in Florence Italy studying at Palazzi consortium for international education. Students in many majors are taking a variety of classes including traditions of Italian food, Classical Cakes and Tarts, Food Culture and Society, Pairing Food and Wine, Intermediate Drawing, Fashion Design, Travel Writing, Photography Lights of Florence, plus many more. In addition to their academic studies the students have experienced an architectural walking tour of Florence, visited the Uffizi art gallery, and saw the beautiful gardens cared for by the Franciscan monks in Fusiole and observed the 2000 year old ruins from the Etruscans.

On their first weekend off from class, the students traveled to Montepulciano to observe the process of growing grapes for wine making and tasted fresh made pecorino cheese In Pienza.  Siena made a great day trip watching a parade of the festival of flags and comparing the architecture between Siena and Florence.  If this is not enough, next weekend brings about a trip to Parma to observe the making of Parmesan cheese, Prosciutto Parma ham, and balsamic vinegar in Modena.  On Sunday, they look forward to a 1 ½-hour train ride to Venice.

The following weekend will include a trip to Pisa, and Cinqua Terra part of the Italian Riviera overlooking the Mediterranean.  The reward after three weeks of summer school is three days in Rome visiting the Vatican, coliseum, and pantheon.  The students are scheduled to return home June 28.

Drew Lawrence

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