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Brighton and Damon City Campus Student Government Elections

The Brighton Student Government Association (BCSGA) and the Damon Campus Student Events and Governance Association (SEGA) are currently looking for candidates to run for elected positions.  These key positions offer opportunities for scholarships, personal development, communication and leadership skill building, and much more. 

If you have students who you feel would benefit from becoming part of either of these organizations, or if you know any students who are interested, please direct them to the Brighton Campus Student Government office (3-127) or the Damon SEGA office (4-008).  They can also call the Brighton SGA at 292-2546/2549 or the DCC SEGA office at 262-1685.

Applications for all positions are currently available in the Brighton SGA office (3-127), the Brighton Campus Center office (3-126), the Damon SEGA office (4-008), and the Damon City Campus Center office (4-020).

Thank you!

Donna Brennan
Campus Center