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Lockdown Drills and information

The MCC Department of Public Safety will conduct a lockdown drill at one of our campus locations in the near future. If you are on campus when this occurs, please be prepared to participate completely and follow all instructions given to you. This practice drill is being implemented to help keep you safe while at MCC.  A lockdown drill will increase your understanding of the process and will begin an important dialogue between MCC Public Safety and the community it serves.

The drill will follow the same procedure as a real lockdown, except that an announcement indicating that it is a drill will precede the drill.

A lockdown is implemented by an announcement that states, “Your location is in LOCKDOWN. There is a serious situation. Lock yourself in the nearest room, move away from doors and windows, and seek cover. No one is allowed in or out of the area. Await further instructions.” This message will include any other applicable instructions as well as the nature and location of the danger if known. You may receive this message via MCC email broadcast, text message (for those who have signed up for this service via SUNY NY Alert), telephone broadcast or public address system. 

Once a lockdown is announced, building occupants should immediately seek shelter in the nearest classroom, office or area of shelter. Faculty and staff should lock the door to their classroom or office and remain in their rooms until an “ALL CLEAR” announcement is made.  Occupants of each room should:

1.      Barricade the door(s) if possible using heavy furniture or desks;

2.      Cover any windows or openings that have a direct line of sight into the hallway or outside, if safe to do so;

3.      Stay away from windows and interior glass walls;

4.      Take shelter in the most interior area of the space they are in and if possible behind solid walls, cabinets, or bookcases;

5.      Not make noise or otherwise draw attention to their location.  Put all cell phone and/or mobile devices on silent or vibrate;

6.      Not attempt to leave the building until told to do so by MCC Public Safety and/or law enforcement personnel;

7.      Ignore a fire alarm during a lockdown unless instructed to evacuate by MCC Public Safety or law enforcement personnel, unless they clearly perceive threatening fire or smoke. Pulling a fire alarm during a lockdown could be a ruse by an active shooter to gain access to a building or to lure people out of safe spaces.

You can find more information on lockdown procedures at the MCC Department of Public Safety website:

Select the link “Lockdown Training Video.” (lower right)

Hezekiah Simmons
CFO and VP Administrative Services