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A New Book Has Arrived.....

Victoria Harris.....Now at the Bookstore!  Get your copies today!

PERCEPTION RULES Personal Success...The Story Brandin, the Misunderstood Bull.  Not since Jonathon Livingston Seagull has such a simple tale of inspired positive growth and change.  Learn how perception works, how it impacts profiling and stereotyping; what you can do to make perception work for you, communicate who you are, and improve your relationships.  Must read book got faculty and students alike.


PERCEPTION RULES Brand Leadership...The Wisdom of Kyle Otey, Chicken Billionaire.  Being "brand aware" is the biggest buzz in business today--and also the most misunderstood.  Kyle Otey's legendary lectures to the Harvard Business School are witty wisdom that works!  Must read for anyone taking business courses such as management, sales and marketing; communications; advertising and pr.


Alyson Levine