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When you Believe...

The Monroe Community College Foundation is pleased to report the transfer of $353,453 to MCC from its endowed and restricted scholarship and program funds, bringing our total support to $561,570. This represents an 8.1% increase from the January 2012 semi-annual transfer.

Private support is vital to student success.  Contributors know that each dollar given to the MCC Foundation is an investment in the future of Greater Rochester.  Such philanthropy elevates public higher education and energizes our community.

The MCC Foundation was established in 1983 to secure private sector support to supplement and enhance public funding at MCC.  It ranks number one (for the third consecutive year) among SUNY community colleges in corporate and unrestricted support for college operations.

When you believe and invest in the success of MCC students, dreams come true and our community grows stronger!  To explore how you can continue your support of MCC, please contact the MCC Foundation at 262.1500.

Susan Gurak
MCC Foundation