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Marketing for Fall 2015 Heats Up This Summer!

While MCC marketing programs to recruit students run all year long, there is an extra intensity over the summer months as we head towards the fall semester.  This summer is no exception.  Advertising messaging will focus on the overall value of an MCC education, our expanding online learning options, and the “One Night A Week” business administration program that allows students to study online and on-campus.

Digital Advertising

MCC is continuing to increase its digital advertising presence with both video and display ads. Digital campaigns allow for more detailed targeting of prospects and increased tracking of results than nearly any other marketing tactic.  All digital advertising described below will run in the greater Rochester region.

*       Digital Video Campaign – The three MCC television commercials MCC ran last year will run as part of a digital video campaign.  The commercials will target prospects across YouTube and many other internet sites.   (If you’d like to revisit the commercials, check out: <>  and scroll to the bottom of the page.) 

*       Display Advertising and Facebook Campaigns – Display ads will target prospects on numerous internet sites and on Facebook.

*       Retargeting Campaign – Have you ever noticed that if you surf around the internet to look at shoes or frying pans or baseball mitts, display ads on those very interests seem to follow you around? No, you are not imagining things; you are experiencing “retargeting.”  MCC will now track MCC web visitors in the same way, targeting visitors during their subsequent internet activity with ads based on their interests while visiting our site.

*       Paid Search Campaign on Google – When you enter information in the search bar on Google, your search results come along with highlighted advertisements that will take you directly to related websites.  This tactic is called a “paid search campaign.”  MCC will run paid search campaigns throughout the summer.

*       Email Blasts – MCC will supplement digital advertising with targeted emails throughout the summer.

Radio Advertising

If you listen to WPXY, WBEE, WDKX, WBZA, WCMF or WROC-AM, you’ll most likely hear MCC radio spots.  Radio will run in key times throughout July and August.

Movie Theater Advertising

On hot, sultry nights, or on cold rainy ones, many of our prospects head out to the movies to see summer blockbusters.  And people tend to recall the ads they see at the movies more so than any other advertising.  This summer, MCC will run TV commercials before movies at Cinemark Tinseltown USA and IMAX (Gates), Regal Cinemas Henrietta 18, and Cinemark Movies 10.  These theaters are located in geographies that have a high yield of MCC students.

Direct Mail

MCC sends out direct mail to thousands of targeted prospects all year long.  We’ll continue to do so throughout the summer.  We reach out to “cold” prospects – people who have no relationship with MCC but fit key demographics categories – as well as “warm” prospects – people who have inquired or applied.


One of the most effective marketing tactics is word-of-mouth advertising.  Plus, it is free.  We all play a role in this one! Please share with your friends and acquaintances just how wonderful an MCC education is and encourage them to apply today!

Debra Davis
Director of Marketing and Communications