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Thirteen (13) Curriculum Proposals for Faculty Comment

Thirteen (13) Curriculum Proposals are available for faculty review until Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

Course Revisions
COS 101 - College Orientation
Proposal ID Renee Dimino-03/25/2020-CR-1
Submitted by Renee Dimino

COS 133 - College Orientation and Success Strategies
Proposal ID Renee Dimino-03/25/2020-CR-2
Submitted by Renee Dimino

General Education Course
ENG 200 - Advanced Composition
Proposal ID Cathryn Smith-10/19/2016-GE-7
Submitted by Catharine G. Smith

New Courses
HSP 115 - Guest Service Hospitality
Proposal ID Rebecca Griffin-10/18/2019-NC-1
Submitted by Rebecca Griffin

PSY 225 - Multicultural Psychology
Proposal ID Renee Coleman-07/23/2019-NC-1
Submitted by Renee Coleman

New Program
Accounting Assistant, Certificate
Proposal ID 2019-NP6-Spring
Submitted by Renee Rigoni

Program Revisions
Apprentice Training: Automotive - Toyota T-Ten, A.A.S.
Proposal ID 2019-PR30-Spring
Submitted by Randolph Pearl

Human Services, A.A.S.
Proposal ID 2019-PR31-Spring
Submitted by Eileen Radigan

Addictions Counseling, A.S.
Proposal ID 2019-PR32-Spring
Submitted by Elizabeth Mandly

Human Services, A.S.
Proposal ID 2019-PR35-Spring
Submitted by Eileen Radigan

Culinary Arts, Certificate
Proposal ID 2019-PR37-Spring
Submitted by Rebecca Griffin

Direct Disability Support Services, Certificate
Proposal ID 2019-PR38-Spring
Submitted by Eileen Radigan

Small Business Management, Certificate
Proposal ID 2019-PR39-Spring
Submitted by Todd Korol


Barnet, David
Curriculum and Program Development