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Strategic Planning Committee Update: Information Gathering Complete

Over the past several months, members of the Strategic Planning Committee have gathered valuable insight, information and feedback from MCC’s internal and external stakeholders.  Responses will support the committee’s efforts to ultimately develop and propose strategic directions and goals to best position MCC for the future.

To date, committee members conducted 22 internal group interviews with faculty, staff, administrators and students); listened to 11 presentations by community leaders and senior college administrators;  and conducted 32 interviews with leaders of local government, business, community, education, nonprofit and health care organizations. In addition, members reviewed a variety of relevant articles and administered several surveys. 

Thank you to all who contributed to this important phase of the process.

The committee will now begin assimilating this information as they move to develop the assumptions that will lead to the formation of strategic directions. 

Valarie Avalone and David Shaw
Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chairs