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Friendly Winter Reminders

Winter Season Parking Rules in Effect

It's that time of year again for some friendly winter season reminders about parking on Campus. The white stuff will be on the ground before we know it. Please pay extra attention to where you park by ensuring that your vehicle is positioned in an appropriate parking space.

Our Facilities Department does a great job with plowing and sweeping the center parking line and end caps to help guide motorists in properly lining up their vehicle. If you park on or over the dividing lines or hash marks, your vehicle is out of position. As a point of reference, if you are the first vehicle in a row and parked closest to the building, there should be approximately five car widths distance between your vehicle and the sidewalk. For everyone's safety and convenience, vehicles found to be parked in roadways, driving lanes, and sidewalks will be towed.

To assist with snow removal operations throughout the winter season, vehicles may not be parked on campus overnight for any reason except for vehicles parked in the designated overnight parking area on the Brighton Campus (Lot E, rows 4 and 5). Vehicles parked overnight in unauthorized areas will be towed off campus at the owner's/operator's expense. Towing a vehicle is the College's last option and a practice we'd rather avoid. If your vehicle becomes disabled, please notify Public Safety at 292-2912 and arrange to have it towed before midnight.

Your continued cooperation in helping to keep our campus roadways and parking lots safe is greatly appreciated.

Denise Calarco, Program Director
Parking Services

Calarco, Denise
Parking Services