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Final Results of Eat Well/Live Well Challenge

Here are the final results for the EW/LW Challenge. The results are based on the 8 week program, for  Fruit and Vegetable consumption, we had 139 staff members average 5.0 servings a day. The top three teams were in third place Controller’s 2 (averaging 5.13), in second place Instructional Technology (averaging 5.14) and the winners were Student Support Services (5.51 average), The Student Support Services team has won a 250.00 gift certificate to Wegmans. Individually, the top three averages were by Precious Billingslea at 8.04, Nancy Mallory with 7.53 and Luci Morrill at 7.20. Well done.

The final results for the most steps taken was in third place Controller’s 2 with an average of 13,558, in second place Aramark with 13, 648 and the winner of the Steps Taken was Health Services with 15, 683. So they will also be winning a 250.00 gift certificate from Wegmans.

During the competition we had 217 MCC folks who averaged 10,000 steps a day over the eight weeks. The leaders were Ruth Raskind with an average of 38,888 steps, Jeff Dawley with 37,437 steps per day and Michael McCullough with 27,488 steps per day.

The final tally sheet looks like this. We recorded 194,765,279 steps during the 8 weeks of the program for an average of 10,585 per person who participated. We consumed 87,030 servings of fruits and vegetables for an average of 4.7 per day. Great job to all and our thanks for participating in this year’s event. Have a great summer and keep up with these healthier behaviors.

Craig Rand, Alberta Lee, Donna Mueller
Wellness Committee