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Student Nurses Association Drive to Support Our Troops

The Student Nurses Association with the help of Bonnie and Jim Petrosino, whose son-in-law is currently in Baghdad, are collecting donations to support our troops in Baghdad.  We would like the participation of the entire MCC family.  Each Department Head/Chairperson has received directions to help us collect donations (designated items/money). Please return the donations to Jenny Lorenz, Nursing Department Secretary, Building 8-312 or Luci Morrill, Business Administration Secretary, Building 5-510.  Money donations would be used to buy additional items and pay for postage (approximately $9/box shipping cost).  Items should be dropped off to either department listed.  Please see the suggested list for donations that will survive in a high temperature environment.  Turn in all donations by Wednesday, May 14.

Once the donations are shipped to Baghdad, Sergeant Shawn Saunders, son-in-law of Bonnie and Jim Petrosino, will distribute them to his fellow servicemen and service women. 

We thank you for your contributions and we hope you have a happy, healthy summer.

Help “Beat the Baghdad Blahs,”
Sherry Ruckert/Dave Goede Bonnie and Jim Petrosino
Student Nurses Association Advisors                                   

Suggested Items
sun block lotion                                                                      

power bars
air fresheners                                                                         

dried fruit
beef jerky                                                                               

energy bars peanut butter/chocolate                                      

water balloons
trail mix                                                                                  

blow up pools             
Cheetos/Pringles/similar snacks                                             

nonperishable candy

Remember that items need to withstand high temperatures in the shipping process.

Jim Petrosino
Business Administration/Economics