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Brighton Campus Student Government Senate Meeting Minutes for November 28, 2006


Senators:                                                          President:                                         Campus Center Advisor:

Senator  Affinito                                              Kyle W. Madden                               Elizabeth Stewart-Absent

Senator  Bickel                                                 Vice President:                               Faculty Advisor:                            

Senator  Dentico                                              Brian Pruden                                      Joseph McCauley-Absent

Senator  Dudley                                                Speaker/At-Large Senator                          

Senator  Lawson                                               Joe Marini                                         

Senator  Maravilla-Late                                  Deputy Speaker/At-Large Senator

Senator  Pannoni                                              Dan Elliott

Senator Stevenson

Senator van der Horst

Senator Wagoner

Senator Yockel

Visitors:  Dr. Salvador, Dr. Baker, Dick Ryther, Student Services; Lee Struble, Public Safety; Bette Bovenzi, Jodi Oriel, Shirley Batistta-Provost, Tom Priester, Campus Center;  Robert Bovee, PHA; Helen Leach, Alumnus; Donna Brennan, Secretary, Campus Center.

I.                CALL TO ORDER  (2:15 p.m.)

A.    Roll Call

               (See attendance above)

B.     Approval of November 21, 2006 minutes

Speaker Marini called for a motion to approve the minutes for November 21, 2006.

Senator Stevenson so motioned, seconded by Senator Elliott.

A vote was taken.

Be it resolved, the Monroe Community College Brighton Campus Student Government Association unanimously approves the November 21, 2006 minutes as written.

II.              SPEAK TO THE SENATE

Helen Leach, Alumnus, and Robert Bovee, President of PHA (Personal Health Approach) Health, Wellness & Fitness Centers, presented a program being established to bring about obesity awareness.  The purpose of the program, “Rochester’s Healthiest Loser”, will be to educate the citizens of Rochester on health, wellness, fitness, proper nutrition and weight loss management.  The 60 participants in the program will consist of college students, community members, children and seniors.  Each person interested in participating in the program will be required to complete an application and write an essay.  Those chosen for the program will receive a free 6-month membership to one of the PHA Health, Wellness & Fitness Centers and will work with trainers, dieticians and nutrition specialists.

III.            REPORTS

A.    Speaker’s Report

Speaker Marini…

Ø      With only 4 weeks left in the semester, everyone should be paying attention to grades; the withdrawal date has passed.  He is working with the senators to help them become more organized and efficient in their tasks.  A duty board in the Senate office has been created to display current issues and objectives.

Ø      Public Safety has been contacted about a training session for students who wish to become involved with the campus CERT program. 

Ø      Issues regarding changes to Club constitutions have resulted in formal changes being made to the By-laws.  These changes should clarify the process the Senate follows to get things done and to become a guide for the future.

Ø      The job of Speaker is a broad one; worker, mentor, leader, facilitator, and interpreter are just a few roles and nowhere near all.  These are roles the Speaker needs to step into at times, on more than one occasion embracing 2 or 3 at once.  There are tasks that have to be done and there are times when what has to be done is something you wish you did not have to do, but still they have to be done. 

B.     President’s Report

President Madden…to the members of the Senate and Presidential Cabinet:

“As your terms near half completion, look back upon your accomplishments and your failures, your gains, your losses, and be not afraid to make an honest assessment of your time here within the Student Government.  I hope to see many of you return to this government next year, but keep in mind that roughly seven months remain in this term.  Make sure you devote your ten plus hours a week, if you are a senator, and your five plus, if you are a loyal member of my cabinet.  You signed your name saying you would comply.  Be loyal to your school, your constituency and yourself.  Leave a legacy for your position.  Be able to put onto your resume not only that you are a student Senator or a Cabinet member, but your accomplishments and distinctions as well.  Be complete in your job and do your best.  If we all do our part, this government is sure to do things you never imagined would happen.  Thank you for your time, your help, your advice and guidance to me along this journey.  Let’s continue working together, learning together, for our mutual interest and success through all that we embark upon.”  

C.    Senator Reports

Senator Affinito…

Ø      Carlton is doing a great job organizing club night at the Res. Halls.  Anyone interested in helping let her know.

IV.             OLD BUSINESS

There was no old business.

V.               NEW BUSINESS

There was no new business.


Senator Wagoner hopes everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving.

Robert Bovee stated that as he walked through the campus he noticed a number of underweight students, which gave him the idea to add that aspect to the weight management program.


Speaker Marini called for a motion to adjourn.

At  2:45 p.m. Senator Elliott made a motion to adjourn; Senator Affinito seconded the motion.  The Senate meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Donna Brennan

Student Association Secretary

Donna Brennan
Campus Center