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Parking Gate Operations 101

Parking Gate Operation 101

This is a refresher for smooth operation of the parking gates:  Here are some DO’s and (I hate to be negative, however here goes….) DON’T’s.  I have provided a photo (ugly) so you may reference it during the training.

You must have your new ID Card.  No ifs ands or buts the old card won’t open the gate, nor will the phrase “open sesame” (is that how it is spelled???) or for you Harry Potter fans… any other spell.

You must roll down your window-the beam doesn’t stretch across into your vehicle and operate the gate.

You still must maneuver your vehicle so you can reach out (and not necessarily touch) the reader. It doesn’t matter what side of the card you wave in front of the reader. The manufacturer states it is a 2-4 inch read range. That means some of you need to have the card closer than others.  (I am looking into getting readers with a longer range)

Pull up to the parking gates if you don’t have your ID card with you…or in your hand.

“Piggy- back”  (who came up with that phrase, yuk!) behind another vehicle.

Drive around barricades etc….

Be left parking in “Student Parking”  because you don’t have your ID (Since it is illegal for employees with permits to park in Student Parking during the Fall and Spring semesters)  Not only will you have a walk, but you will get a ticket!

If you already have your new prox ID don’t bother reading on.  The remainder of the message is not for you.

Photo ID office is open for ID’s by appointment only.  Call 292-2555.
Special Note to new hires/assignments for the term:  We are still working on your issue and hope to have it resolved very soon (hopefully before the end of the week.)  Stay tuned….  We will notify Department secretaries as soon as we receive word.  We will open the gate (from the office) for you if it has not been resolved. 

How many ways do we say it??
Go get your new Prox ID card.  Please obtain your new ID ASAP.  Have you obtained your new ID? When will you get your new ID?

Allez obtiennent votre nouvelle carte d'identification de Prox

Gehen Sie erhalten Ihre neue Prox Identifikation Karte

Vada ottengono la vostra nuova scheda di identificazione di Prox

Vaya consiguen su tarjeta nueva de la identificación de Prox

Пойдите получите ваше новое удостоверение личности Prox

Thanks again… Let’s have a great fall semester!!!

Leah Dyer
Public Safety